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Mama & Co is an Australian Skin Care range created by mother and daughter duo, Leesa and Jaya. Natural skin care has never smelt or felt so good. It also won't break the bank, and you're buying locally!

Face | Natural skin care | Olive oil for face

People often ask if using olive oil for face is our recommendation - and it absolutely is. Olive oil for face is nourishing and luxurious - helping reduce fine lines and hydrate your skin. 

Cleanse Me Face Cleanser 250mls

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Cleanse Me Face Cleanser 250mls


This rich oil cleanser doubles as a makeup remover. This cleanser will work to remove surface dirt and fats while still leaving your skin smooth and hydrated.

Application: Massage onto the face for 30 seconds before adding warm water. Foam up and then sponge off your skin. Avoid eye area.

Australian skin care from Mama & Co.

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Ingredients: Olive oil, macadamia oil, castile soap, glycerine, ylang ylang, bergamot, lemon myrtle, and geranium essential oils.