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Mama & Co is an Australian Skin Care range created by mother and daughter duo, Leesa and Jaya. Natural skin care has never smelt or felt so good. It also won't break the bank, and you're buying locally!


Using olive oil for skin | Natural skin care products Australia

Olive oil for skin in it's pure form is a powerful cleansing and detoxifying agent - Mama & Co; Natural skin care products Australia.

Since ancient times the benefits of olive oil have been well recognised for hair and skin. At mama&co, we love olive oil not only for how amazing it can make your skin look but the incredible healing effects it has as well. 

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and has the important role of  being a barrier to protect the body from external harm such as UV radiation, bacteria, toxins etc. With our skin absorbing a high percentage of what we apply to it each day, why not give it the nourishment it deserves?

First, lets take away the stigma that oil is congestive to the skin. Olive oil in its pure form is actually a powerful cleansing and detoxifying agent!

This magical elixir is rich in omega 3 &  6, vitamin E (protects against ultraviolet light), and vitamin K. It’s ability to protect your skin from premature aging is due to antioxidants polyphenol and phytosterol.

When applied to the skin, olive oil is a natural exfoliant, improves elasticity of the skin, absorbs well into the skin, is a natural preservative within itself and fights free radicals (which cause aging).

In the olive tree there are 3 factors that contribute to healing:

  • Flower – which once created into an essence has the unique qualities of providing energy, strength and vitality.
  • Leaf – becomes olive leaf extract and is well know for its effects on strengthening the immune system, reducing respiratory conditions, and its purifying effect.
  • Oil – is one the best fats we can use on the body and the essential ingredient that makes our products healing and therapeutic.

The olive oil used in all mama&co. products are sourced from our olive grove in Bambra. From ground to skin, we make sure the integrity and purity of our olive oil is never comprised. We incorporate one or more parts of the olive tree into all of our products to empower you to feel great from the inside out!

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