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Mama & Co is an Australian Skin Care range created by mother and daughter duo, Leesa and Jaya. Natural skin care has never smelt or felt so good. It also won't break the bank, and you're buying locally!

For The Spirit | Best natural skin care products work both inside, and out.

The best natural skin care products work both on the outside, and also on the inside.  Our products are hand made with love, including essential oils that invigorate self-esteem. Look, feel and smell fantastic. 

Clear Me Aura Spray 100mls

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Clear Me Aura Spray 100mls


This aura spray is a combination of essential oils, flower essences and crystal elixirs to lighten your mood, clear your head, and clear your aura.

Suitable for when you are feeling emotional, have mental overload, or over use of electronic equipment.

Application: Spritz around your face and head, or around the room.

Australian skin care from Mama & Co.

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Ingredients: Orange blossom, frankincense and rose essential oils, skullcap, holly, hornbeam, walnut, olive, and scleranthus flower essences, clear quartz crystal elixir.